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We make it painless to build an
investment fund with your friends.

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By investing with your friends, you have access to more capital, increased knowledge, and lower trading fees. It's also more fun.

How It Works

1. Form a Group

Get as few or as many of your friends or colleagues together. You and your friends can be accredited or non-accredited investors.

2. Gather Capital

Decide how much money to initially invest. All investors in each group need to contribute equal amounts of money.

3. Brokerage Account

Create a brokerage account of your choice. We recommend having an account where each group member has access.

4. Get Approved

Submit your initial capital amounts and brokerage account to Lucid. Once approved, you start investing.


Legal Backing

Lucid operates our funds in a very specific and properitary way that allows for non-accredited investors to pool their money together. Without Lucid, pooling money is illegal.

Lower Trading Fees

If 5 friends are going to make 5 trades in the stock market a week, that's $250 of trading fees on average. With Lucid, people make trades collectively, lowering fees by at least 50%.

More Knowledge

By crowdsourcing decision making and research, you make more successful investments. We suggest voting on all decisions you make with a 70% favorability to pass.

More Capital

It's hard to have enough capital to have a diversified portfolio. By pooling your money together with other people, you greatly increase your investment opportunities.

Interested in starting your own investment group?

Email our founder and he can guide you with next steps.

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